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Phyno Helped Music Producer Kezyklef – Facebook User Brag

Kezyklef x PhynoFacebook User with the name FrankLin Shuga NedLin ChiNedum posted on his timeline that Nigerian igbo speaking rapper Phyno is helping in order to clear the peoples who said that Phyno is not helping the young ones in the music industry.

He wrote the captions below!!

Phyno still The Play Maker?

Okay, Do you remember when KEZYKLEF use to be Slow dog’s Official Producer in Enugu?? No, some of you new cats doesn’t know.

See eh, that time, Slow Diggy and Kezyklef were doing their thing very well until Zoro Came Through.

KEZYklef finished work for Zoro when they produced Usain Bolt.

After that, Kezyklef produced Ogene and Boooom Kezyklef come Blow..

iLLBLiss had to come pick Kezyklef out from Enugu to Lagos and Re-branded Our own KezyKlef..

Kezyklef Produced some good songs for iLLBLiss and iLLBLiss had to Bench Suspect on the beat just for his Igbo Brother Kezyklef to Blow..

Of course Phyno saw all that, He Knew Kezyklef was so good until he jumped on a song produced by Kezyklef for Slow dogg “Akagi”.

And Currently, Kezyklef is the Main Producer in Penthouse and Phyno had to Bench Other Good Producers just for our own Kezyklef to Shine More.

Currently, KezyKlef Produced Phyno’s latest track One Chance featuring one of the Best Jamaican Singer KRANIUM.

So what do you EXACTLY mean when you call Phyno’s name among IGBO Artist who don’t help the Upcoming..

Should I talk about BenJams and Tidins, Phyno was their Destiny Helper too.. or have you forgotten??

Don’t be biased next time..

Phyno issa Good, He can’t help all of us at the same time.


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